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January 2016


Oriental medicine

January 11, 2016

The rich experience of oriental medicine is based on the alien concepts for the modern man. Channels that entangle our bodies do not have the anatomical confirmation, they can only experience as a result of prolonged exercise. Of course, there are people unique, who see the glow of these channels. Such bit. Deciphering the concept of oriental medicine, we notice that the western concept of “authority” does not exist. Continue Reading…


Kidney diseases

January 10, 2016

How do you know that hurt the kidneys and what to do in this case: run to the doctor or to treat yourself? Experts strongly recommend not to self-medicate, without knowing the cause of the disease.

The main sign of kidney disease is a nagging pain in the back. However, this condition can also occur when the muscle tension. The main sign of kidney damage is a double-sided pain in the lower abdomen. Such pains are substantially different from the symptoms of poisoning, in which stomach ache. Also, in case of renal disease when driving experience discomfort in the lumbar region. Continue Reading…