Benefits of breast milk


breast milkThe benefits of breast milk have long been undeniable as they have been shown to increase the baby’s protection against a host of diseases, decrease the rate of childhood obesity and probability of developing asthma and even increasing the IQ. But it is less known that the process of breastfeeding is extremely advantageous for the nurturing mother as well providing her with protection against heart disease, cancer and a number of other health bonuses that mothers who skip breastfeeding wouldn’t have. This is mainly because no commercial product out there has even come close to what mother nature has already provided us with.

Among the most obvious benefits of breastfeeding is the fact that this natural procedure is given to every mother for free. However, a statistic from 2005 shows that 58% of new mothers in the US have given up on breastfeeding by their baby’s sixth month and switched to different complementary foods. This comes with an increased expense, as the U.S alone could save up to 13 billion dollars each year if 90 % of mothers continued breastfeeding for the entire first six months.

Nursing also helps a mother boost her heart health, as a 2009 analysis showed that women who breastfed for more than a year were 10 percent less likely to have heart disease than mothers who stopped nursing their babies earlier.

Moreover, multiple recent studies have shown that for every extra year of breastfeeding the chances of breast cancer for the nursing woman decrease by at least 4.3 percent. Meaning that longer nursing periods will unavoidably translate into a stronger resistance to cancer.

It’s true that the precise reasons behind such great advantages of nursing are still under investigation by the scientific community, but the numbers are there and they are very conclusive. Breastfeeding is yours and your baby’s best chance of staying healthy and avoiding serious health issues for years to come.

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