Depths of your ear canals

ear canal scheme
Ear canal

Well, it’s almost certain that nearly every single human being has tried, at least as a kid, to stick something into their ear. But it’s very certain that many adult humans still do, whether it’s a Q-tip or any other ear poking instrument. We obviously are under the impression that earwax is not good for you but science just destroyed that theory.

In a report by Popular Science earlier this year, a new set of instructions and advice specific to ear health has just been released by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, a governmental organization overseeing ear, nose and throat medicine. The most important point of this latest release is that people should really stop putting things inside their ear canal. This goes for literally everything. The depths of your ear canals should allow the passage of sound and nothing else.

In fact, the thought that earwax is detrimental and should be removed, is polarly opposed to the scientific truth. Earwax IS beneficial and it is where it is for a reason. That reason being that it acts as a trap for any unwanted particle, dust or organism that wanders that far blocking their way to our eardrums and our bodies. Moreover, when we try to remove earwax with a Q-tip, we end up pushing earwax, along with everything that it has trapped even further down the ear canal, which in turn blocks the creation of new ear wax that would have pushed that old wax out.

And that’s not even the biggest issue we are creating when probing our ears. Most of us will actually go too far when using Q-tips, especially the youngest of us, and that has a strong potential of damaging your eardrum, or more specifically your tympanic membrane. Such an injury is extremely painful and dangerous as it can quickly become infected due to it’s hard-for-water-to-reach location and can even lead to partial deafness.

So leave your ear be, is our advice to you!

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