Mark, 47 y.o.

Blue Pill works absolutely same as the famous Viagra. I’m very happy that I know this generic and don’t spend more money for the same drug but with a patented name!

Ben, 48 y.o.

Generics are the same drugs as their original pills! Many people still don’t trust this, but you can check many medical reports and read the reviews.

Tully, 38 y.o.

I have never tried Blue Pill, want to order it today.

Alex, 42 y.o.

Go ahead @Tully, you will be amazed that it works as good as viagra..

Bernard, 54 y.o.

Sildenafil is one of the best active substances for ED drugs. I use it about 6 years. Thanks for fast delivery!

Bill, 57 y.o.

As for me- tadalafil works more soft. (specially for men older 50yo)

Andreas, 34 y.o.

I used to buy Blue Pill and use it as a weekend pill and i’m quite happy not to have any side effects. Same day delivery, thnks

Marc, 27 y.o.

Yes! My best weekend pill 🙂

Andre, 31 y.o.

I had a headche after a party night with blue pill. Who knows was that because of the drug or alcohol.

Berry, 25 y.o.

I don’t know what erectile dysfunction is, but want to buy blue pill just for fast. Is it bad idea or good?

Keith, 43 y.o.

@Berry, you can try it , why not. Don’t get addicted:) The effect is amazing!